LCD-TV Design

The Future of Tv : TV is not a new thing to most of the people now.But with the development and prevalence of computer and Internet, whether TV will still exist and benefits peopleor it will gradually disappear comes into discussion. In my opinion, TV will still exist and flurish because of Mobile TV which is a part of Digital convergence product. With mobiles starting to dominate our daily lives, TV on the phone or mobile will be in general trend in the near future. TV is one of the most friendly modern convenience in the human history. As time goes by,influence of TV to our life is getting more. Thesedays,TV isn’t the boobtube anymore. It will be the terminal of informations and entertainment highly customised in favor of advanced broadcasting technology. Currently, we can choose a specific service such as VOD,stock market news, and so on.

Design Concept : The Wall of Fashion
Fashion is color and beauty, Butterfly communicate fashionable exactly.
Free shape and pattern of the butterfly wings are plenty of beauties
It looks like as fashion work on the wall that everybody wants to see

Brand & Design Strategy: by PRINCE DESIGN