Our Services: Design Research, Design Strategy, Design Management, Product Design and Prototype

Design Research

Prince Design set up the first independent innovation-driven design research company in Thailand focusing on the emerging Asian market. Based on and all-round understanding of the native culture and utilizing a series of original research model, we provide our global clients with the most comprehensive and insightful research and the most optimized solution strategy

Meanwhile, we keep up with global trends by utilizing the most dependable trend scouts. This enables us to be well informed of the current market conditions and trends in today’s Thailand and help our clients to fine innovation and development opportunities so that they can set successful business strategies

Design Strategy

Prince Design believes that research alone will not do a client any good unless insights are translated effectively into innovative product strategies and sensitive and economically viable

Besides creating in-depth insight into cultural gap and unmet market needs, we offer strategic product, service and customer experience planning, strategic design, planning, consumer insights/business strategy transfer. Our clients will get concepts for new products, services and meaningful customer experiences, possible future use scenarios, and propositions for customer & business value

Design Management

Prince Design always prides itself in being at the forefront of design management with our characteristic design resource advantage. Through the long strategic alliances with numerous global leading design consultancies, we offer a tailored approach according to our clients’ demand by utilizing advanced management models. Simultaneously, we help our clients optimize execution and facilitate implementation

Our offerings include project management, resource management, organization and team management, and evaluation system

Product Design

Prince Design offer an affordable, pragmatic design service to help our customer prepare proper engineering drawings before starting their Thailand and China manufacturing project. Our Bangkok based design team carry out product development at any stage of the design process, ensuring the most important thing to our clients - that they get to the next step of the commercialisation process as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

We specialise in the cost effective delivery of small to medium sized design jobs, producing CAD models and engineering drawings to help factories quote. Prince Design charge a flat hourly rate for work completed, with estimates of total project time provided at the beginning of projects.
Prince Design have a commercially focused, dedicated team of three designers, all of whom have a background in product design and manufacturing. Our team have experience working with a wide range of clients, including individual inventors with small product design projects ranging to large manufacturers and retailers


Prince Design offer rapid prototyping service in Thailand and China. With the experienced staff and advanced technology, we can offer an excellent level of quality, service and reliability, in a fast lead-time and very low cost.
Rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and low volume production are our core competencies, and customers are all over the world. We pride of ourselves that we can provide so fast turn-around time and guarantee the quality of our work.

Our services

Our team offer a full range of design services from initial concept development, through to engineering drawings and prototyping

• Product concepts
• Market Research / Design Research
• 3D Solid modeling / Part and Structure Design
• Design for manufacture
• Mechanical Engineering
• Ergonomic Design / User Center Design
• Production of engineering drawings
• High quality renders of your products / animations of your product in use
• User interface design / Graphic Design on Product
• Color Material Finishing Study
• Mock-up / Rapid Prototype / Rapid Tooling / Functional Prototype
• Specialism in metal / plastics / rubber / ceramics and wood