Introduction Prince Design

Design studio works from Asia Pacific & Australia service for many leader Brand such as Honda, LG and Panasonic etc. Prince Design is the design company that can serve them for all requirements because we understand demand, culture and clients’ need and the importance of design for people more well being development so we increasingly create new dimensions that challenge product design. We studied marketing information, customers demand’s trend, Lifestyle and the advance applied technology involved. We want to be the new alternative design company for those manufacturers of both foreigner that have their production bases in Asia Pacific.We set design strategy to add efficiency in competition on the merchandise completely. We use high quality computer to design CAD/CAM that can reduce the procedure on transferring data to prototype and mock-up production efficiently. Surely it can reduce steps on product development. Our personnel consist of designers, marketing, engineers who have competence and vision take responsibilities for these works. We will be very please if we are one of your new products Design in the near future.